So this is my busy time of year.  You’ve seen the influx of posts so you know this to be true.  And because I’m super busy with sessions and editing I haven’t had a lot of time for my family…the downfall of the season for me.  But that’s okay, I take the time when I need to and my husband has been super extra awesome these past two months so my son is played with lots.  So it was a rare time for me to actually have done my hair for a date night out with friends and so I said this is the time to do our family Christmas portrait!  Next year I will definitely make an appointment with a photographer but this year we used our tripod!  Yep, we settled for that, and if you have a 2 year old child or had one you know what it’s like to keep a 2 year old in one position for 10 seconds…impossible…now i know how it must feel to go to Walmart! lol…. anyways, tripod was only used for the family picture so the rest was done the old fashioned way – bribing my child to look at me for just two seconds…he’s at that age and is really sick of seeing me with my camera…. actually he said camera bag the other day and pointed at mine and it melted my heart..yes that is mommy’s camera bag, we must be very careful with it! lol… anywho, these are our Christmas pictures this year..i can’t not document our 3rd Christmas with Grey in our lives, he’s just too precious to miss out on a photo opportunity no matter how busy I am…so instead of editing a family session for the last 2 hours I went through our pictures and edited these.

As I looked at them I realized two things:

1. My son is seriously one of the cutest, most amazing people I have ever met and I just love him so much even when he won’t smile for the camera.

2. I’m in desperate need of a dye job!


Love Always,


p.s. thank God Mo-vember is over!! It’s for a good cause I know but I hate Blaine in a mustache!!! yuk! LOL