Kayla contacted me before Christmas inquiring about a gift certificate for her mother Kathy.  My first thought was that’s a fantastic idea for a gift as mom’s never get updated photos of their children once they are grown and my second thought was Kayla, Kayla, I know that name… I’ve only ever known two Kayla’s in Perth but just let that idea slide as I didn’t know Kayla’s last name at the time.

So we met in town to drop off the gift certificate before Christmas and I had to do a double take!  Was this the young 16 year old Kayla I remembered from the past?  She certainly was just as beautiful as I remembered, but grown up… it had to be her! Who else would have GORGEOUS red hair with the name Kayla!  So I had to bite the bullet and ask the question that had been on my mind – I know you right?  Yep!  You do!  Haha!

Wow! I must be getting old as Kayla is in University and last time I saw her she was dating one of my husband’s younger brothers friends and we were the old people at a house party!  Time sure does fly!  So I passed on the gift certificate to the ever-gorgeous Kayla and we went on our way.

So it was such a pleasure for me to photograph Kayla and her whole family!  Kayla certainly gets her looks from her mom Kathy as she is just as beautiful and then I met her sister Ashley and her daughter Mallory and thought “holy crows these are some good genes!”

So with four beautiful women to photograph and three handsome men I had an easy job capturing this family.  We got some great formal shots and then we had a little fun.  Young Carter was especially a blast but I promised I wouldn’t put up any of his individual pictures as he’s camera shy – gotta love young teens!  We did have a fun time razzing him though ;p  Rolly it was a pleasure to meet you – you obviously make Kathy so very happy as I caught her beeming up at you a few times.  Cory you are such a great dad and the kids are lucky to have you!  It especially shows in your Homer Simpson picture ;p lol just kidding!

Mallory is gorgeous so you know mom and dad will have their hands full when the boys come knocking on their door in a few years, but for now she is such a sweet young innocent thing, and you can’t help but smile when she smiles.  Plus she’s full of posing ideas so some of the girl set ups are her ideas – so I thank her for the help!

Kathy I’m sure was just pleased with the gift, because really it is the gift that keeps on giving!  She will have these memories for the rest of her life.  She will cherish her photographs on her wall, desk or beside her bed and think “Wow! I’m a lucky woman to have such a rich life full of so many people that love me and who i love so much!”  And she is right!  What could be better than having a wonderful family?  What could be better than perserving this time in their lives?

She’s a beautiful Grandmother and I hope she enjoys these pictures for many years.  Kayla and Ashley your mom will forever love that you gifted her this wonderful session….. extra brownie points for you!!!! 🙂

Enjoy your sneak peeks everyone and keep enjoying each other’s company – you were such a wonderful family to photograph and I hope to see you again in the future!

Love Always,